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Sumith K is an Indie Filmmaker and Theatre performing artist from Mysuru. His passion towards cinema is the only way of his life. He started grooming himself by taking guidance from his mentors to make more Good films in future.

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The Final Rhythm short film is based on true events. Where he tried to engage with real emotions and as soon as he travelled with Log lines he started writing sequences, thinking this might have happened between those two characters in life. In terms of creativity he tried to narrate the story in a nonfiction and unusual way by taking inspiration from real incidents. 

A tragic love contrast between Josie and Nischay. They encounter each other in college where Josie will be 23 years old and Nischay will be 20 years old. Josie takes life seriously as she is passionate about music and being excellent at academics which is her mother's dream. She will always be on her path of holding the words which she made with her mother to fly abroad for her higher studies. Whereas Nischay will goofy and aloof he falls in love with Josie immediately after their first meet. Although he expresses his love in many ways Josie seems to have declined it having the responsibility of keeping the words which made with her mother. Due to this rejection, he will be diagnosed with serious suicide attempts and hospitalised. Josie comes to see him at the hospital and the last confession of his last confession of his love happens at his critical health stage. Will Jo accept the boy's love this time? Will he survive from his life and death situation? And what will be their history and conclusion? Will be Answered by The Final Rhythm.