Petra says:

"I am a London based emerging mixed media artist and designer, originally from Slovakia. Since childhood I was always curious about world around us and expressing this in a creative and innovative way; always making new objects. This passion and creativity lead into studying digital media and marketing in Slovakia. It was here where for the first time, learnt graphic design skills using different graphic editing softwares and at the same year,  I founded my own advertising agency at the age of 23. I brought my gained skills and experience to London, where I moved to in 2005. My passion for visual expression of everyday objects and things increased with an opportunity to study at The Open University, this is where I studied Design and Innovation with Art history and where I also took multiple courses from photography, web design, animation, and traditional art techniques. 

In 2017 I decided to explore my artistic side in more depth and I started to promote my artwork to the public. In 2019 I had exhibited my work at the prominent art exhibition Parallax Art Fair London, in which I will take part again in October 2021. Since the beginning of 2021 my artwork has been promoted at the virtual art exhibitions, The Holy Art and Helvet art websites. 

My work is never the same as I love to experiment with different artistic styles and medium, combining digital art with traditional forms of art. As the main source of inspiration is taken from discovering connection between human beings and nature`s visible and invisible powers and forces. The main feature of my artwork is the use of vibrant vivid colours, usage of patterns and repetition of shapes or textures. In addition, I rarely use paint brushes for my artwork, but random daily objects instead. 


Flow: Emotions 

In original form its acrylic painting is created using the drop technique invented by Jackson Pollock. As the name Flow says: Emotions are abstract visual representations of flowing energies and vibrations around us and through us. Each colour signifies positive or negative emotions and the inner battle we are experiencing. Along with the flowing energies it also expresses human life paths, meeting people and losing the contact and reconnecting with them later in the life. This process is continuous and infinite.