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Nazia Ainarkar says: "My journey with Art has been a never ending love with stationaries and the impulse to keep experimenting with different Art supplies; always mesmerised with the beautiful gestures that caught my eyes as I played with colour palettes whether poster colours, felt pens, pastels, crayons, watercolours and now acrylics - all bring a different part of me to myself I had never known, and this has given me a part of my self in the abstract version of art that I try to portray with all the emotions I feel for the moment of work, and the gestures like I speak with colours and patterns makes me fall in love with the process all over again.

And to make these more beautiful part of my journey I began with calligraphy work wherein I work with Arabic language Calligraphy ( QUOTES and verses from the Holy Qur'an) also since I have just began, I am definitely going to begin with different languages as well those which are known to me (Hindi, Marathi, English also others which I am not well versed with, but will try learning and working with them as well)"


"This was my journey towards the lost part of me."

She further expresses: "Since I am a nature lover from the sunrise to sunset, the petrichor, the night sky, waterfalls and much more to seek through the adventures of nature trekking and rock climbing to rafting trip - making me collaborate with colour and textures now and bring my thoughts on the canvas.
This was my journey towards the lost part of me."