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Having started her career in an MNC, it didn't take Vidushi Kapur a long time until she realised her happy place was somewhere else. From thereon, started the journey of an artist trying to carve out a niche for herself in this gigantic world of artists. The contentment she feels while working on an easel is incomparable.

She is a full-time artist and freelancer, mostly working with charcoal as her main medium but she loves experimenting with different media like acrylics and soft pastels. Her focus remains on portraiture. Hyperrealism has been her focal point since she started her creative career. She believe that it's only the tiny intricacies that conjoin together to bring out the real emotion of the portrait. Without the details, it seems lifeless and passive.


The past one year has been mostly about developing her style and technique which she has realised is an ever-evolving process. Lately, she has tried to bring conceptual art and portraiture together which you would see in some of her works but she hopes to find some solidity in the near future.