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MARCH 2022


Specially curated by Global Award-Winning Artist Shreyasee Konar






  • Be Star Awards - Author (Nov 2021)

  • Flairs and Glairs - Proficient Writer of the Year 2021 (Dec 2021)

  • Crown Times & Diva Planet Magazine -  Asia's TOP 100 Influential Woman 2021

  • Indian Glory Awards - Best Writer of the Year



“You are poor- you are born to be a labour. You have your own business- why do you want to do anything else? You are short- this work is not for you. You are weak in your studies- you can't succeed in your life. Your skin tone is not suitable for coming in front. You don't have a fashion sense- it seems like an oldish look. You are not good looking- how can doing act here? Your English is the worst- you will never get a job in any company. Your roots have nothing- how can we trust you? You are not born for this position, or you will never get victory in this field, or you are from a slum, and they have no future. You are a woman- you can't handle this job,” and many more words of prohibition like these we listen to once in our daily lives that prevent us from moving forward in our life.

Whenever we are going to do something big, something different, which is not unique but definitely uncommon, we all have to face these situations in the way of struggle. Sometimes the level of judgements is coming at its peak; it breaks our confidence, self-trust, and inner strength. We start hating our lives, hating ourselves, right? During the days of struggling, even a single failure makes us a negative, distract us to the aim and because of that, we start listening to people, even those who do not know a single word about us. Any unknown only come, judge and go, and we start believing them more than ourselves. We start cursing ourselves for everything. We blame our roots, our colour, our appearance for everything and goes back to their old life and career in which we were working like a dead soul.

Sometimes we guys find comfort to hide rather than taking a step ahead. But think once, is it correct if we give more importance to others critiques than our abilities?

Of course, not. Nobody will agree with it, then why do many of us do the same thing after facing failure in life? Maybe somewhere, depths of the heart, we accept our defeats. We find it "people were right" that acceptance forces us to believe in others. "I am not born for this," this one sentence attaching in our life and continuously affecting our daily lives. To reverting our steps affects only us, not the whole society. If we never admit that "I am a loser," then the matter of "what other people talks" also will vanish from our lives. People will never change, so you will never try to be a successful person in your entire life? Other people usually like the failure of any other person; they enjoy the defeat of a person who tries hard to achieve but fails after many attempts. The public is usually happy with that once the person is rejected by them today get rejections from others too. Sadly, the truth is, the crowd always try to put you down rather than to help you grow more. It is the only competition of ego and insecurity between each other.

If anyone wants success, remember one thing "You have to face the failures in life." You have to learn, "how to forget the whole world" means what the rest of the world will say about you ignore it as much you can. It is a fact, yes, sometimes it is okay to listen to others because their taunts put a fire in our bodies to prove yourselves at any cost, but it is good only when it is going in the right way. That's why it is up to you whether you can differ between the two or not.

To be stuck somewhere, lose the opportunity, remains back in the race, failing in attempts never means that you will never succeed in life. Every failure is a second chance of improvement. Don't forget. And for the next step; first, stop cursing yourself for anything. Stop thinking that you are poor; your skin tone is not fair; you don't have a fashion sense; you are not good looking; you don't have expensive clothes; you have any physical disability; stay away from all the negative thoughts in life. Remember one thing; nobody is perfect here, and everyone has the

right to success, whether it is rich or poor, young or old, tall or short, dark or white, fashionable or not, men or women, every single person that exists here on this planet can succeed. Success is never discriminating between genders, skin tone, physical appearance, and to reach there, first, decide by yourself; who is more important to you; learning after failure, or stop yourself after listening to others. The day you will understand the difference between these two. That day you will be ready to enjoy the journey, which will be full of ups and downs, but this time you are unstoppable. Always try to put positive thoughts in your mind. Stay with the positive people who inspire you, talk with you, not discourage you. You do not need numerous people in your life; one or two is also enough to make you feel better. Choose it wisely- surroundings matter a lot. Never doubt your potential; trust in your hard work, on your talent, on yourself. One day you will succeed; the only condition is- to devote yourself to your aim.

Some are looking for a piece of advice for controlling emotions, improving focus and getting success in a short time. They try to find out how to avoid distractions and many more. But the truth is nobody can say when anyone will get the achievement because nothing is in anyone's hands rather than you. I believe there is no alternative for success. If anyone wants to become rich or a popular one, then they have to face the uneven rocks in their life. Then, if I talk about "how to control emotions?" I think there is no need to push them. If you are sad or wants to cry, you can do it without obstacle; nothing is wrong with it. It is emotions, and definitely, when we do much hard work for something, and we fail to achieve that, it hurts us a lot. These are the things that proved that "yes, you did the hard work," that's why you are feeling unhappy. So, if you are happy, enjoy the moment; if you are sad, also enjoy it. If you want to spend some time alone, spend it. You are angry, go to your room shout alone, nobody will stop you. But, don't be an emotional fool and eliminate sticking yourself in "why always I?" kinds of stuff. If something happens, learn from them and move forward. Every good thing is hides in the future, not the past. Many therapies or methods can improve focus, but are you ready to follow the procedure consistently? If you are, then you can improve your focus.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages; it is up to you how you use it. You can make a career by social media too also can destroy it by using in access. Choose properly.

Many students always say, 'we have no sources,' 'we have nothing to which we can succeed,' 'we have no money,' 'we have no talent,' 'we have less educated roots,' and much more. Problems are infinite because everyone's life is different from the others. So, you cannot try to succeed?

It is life; find out the new way to take a step ahead. You can do the good things even best with fewer sources, only to learn from them every day. There is no need to make Rs.100 to Rs.1000 in one attempt. You also can think of how to turn Rs100 into Rs200, then Rs400, then Rs800. I never say you can't see the big dreams. Yes, you can see also achieve it. But in one attempt, there is no guarantee. Plan big, break it into pieces and slowly-slowly progress it with time. Accomplish your little goals, and then you see the final result where will you stand in your life. Those small achievements also make the positivities in life motivate you to work more for more achievement. Then see the magic of success, completely dedicate yourself towards your work for some years. It must you have to give your time to it.

Everything you have to learn by yourself so, stop waiting for anyone. Stop thinking that someone will come, and then you will take a step. People are not sincere today. Not everyone is the same, but you cannot judge who is good for you and who is not? So, trust yourself rather than anyone else. You have talent; you have a passion. You have a fire to touch the peak; you are the right person for that position. You can do this either you are a man or woman. People never remember those who will quit; they hat off to those who choose to fight. So, don't stop after listening to others. You have your brain; you have everything to which you can change your present condition. You can make yourself a successful person, so always focus on your work and give more and more time to yourself, to your dream. Your only priority must be what you want to see yourself in the upcoming years.

Success is waiting for you; they are waiting for more people like you. More experienced, more understanding, more capable, more hardworking. So, to whom are you waiting? Let's start work from now. Remember this, "Everyone has the right to success."



front book cover prakriti.jpg


When a tiny life
looks at me sweetly
I turn into a joker or a funny character.

Sometimes, for her one little smile
I change into a weird person.
A completely transform human
I make myself
in front of my munchkin.
A real me comes out from inside

which is a distinct formation of mine.

A well classy woman, a strong fighter,

self-dependent, and a confident personality I have.

But, at that moment,
I enter the door of my home
suddenly, I convert
into a monkey, start amusing voices,
and a storyteller for my little world.

Each day thousands of situations

breaks me, hates me, anger me.

The pressure to stay in rank one

bothers my nighttime.

But, I have,
my strength, my happiness,
my little world of completeness.
Her one smile is the reason of my existence.

She is a gorgeous girl, I ever met.

My whole world is lying around her

she resembles me; I am present in her.

I can see myself in her green eyeballs

her trust to hold my finger,
makes me more desirable.
She laughs, and I feel
yes, I am funny
even people hate me as a bossy.
Her steps towards me feel like
the entire world is coming to hug me.

My inner force became twice,

after her birth.
I can fight for her
till my last breath.

I will protect my princess
from the cruel people.
I like to enjoy her presence,
I love to play her games.
I may be worst for others
but she forever treats me as a great woman.

I may be her good mother
but, she is always the best daughter for me.

I want only her to remain with me,
nothing else, I see rather than to her.
I am breathing here for her.
I am here only to support her.
The whole world has a God
my everything is in you, my little world.

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