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Pratima says:

"Colours, arts, and aesthetics have always captivated me. Painting came naturally, so I have painted in oils for a long time, my muse being nature’s abundance. But with  Masters in English and marrying in the army, teaching fell into my lap and so have been an educationist for the past 32 years, heartily mentoring students. I am also a National level cricketer, creative decorator, a saree blogger, and an ardent admirer of Indian arts and crafts. 

My profound appreciation for all things ancient and ethnic helped me delve deeply into Madhubani Art. Here, I found history, beauty, and my passion! From here, started my journey of the portrayal of Madhubani style, focusing on nature’s depiction of the auspicious symbols of wish tree, the Sun, birds, animals, etc. I started working with Acrylics as a challenge. And soon lockdown became a blessing as I got engrossed in the intricate design detailing, and those earthy hues..."


"...This genre of painting originated in Madhubani district of Bihar (and part of present-day Nepal) and after languishing in the archives for quite some time, has now received GI (Geographical Indication) status. Isn’t it fascinating that In the olden days people recorded their simple everyday lives on mud-plastered walls, adding minute details?

Besides Madhubani I have also worked on other genres of ancient art like the Phad, Gond, Warli, and Saura styles, of my Art-rich Country: India.

Now playing the second innings of my life, I am working as a consultant stylist on Architectural Interior and landscaping projects with Ishana Mathur as well as pursuing painting, writing and teaching with equal fervour. I take customised orders to do my bit to help revive these arts. Now I am in my happy space. My hands are full and life looks complete, as I find meaning in these simple motifs."


The Jungle Waterfall

Painting made on the lines of Vastu Shastra | Auspicious for Homes | Oil on Canvas

No.1-The Jungle Waterfall (Oil on Canvas).JPG

The Sunflower

Smiling graciously at The Sun | Auspicious for Homes | Oil on Canvas

No.2-The Sunflower (Oil on Canvas).JPG


Depiction of Holi - the festival of Colours | Phad Painting of Rajasthan with Organic Colours on cloth

No.3-Utsav (Phad painting of Rajasthan with Organic colors on cloth).JPG

Wish Tree

The Giver of Life

Acrylics on Wood

No.4-Wish Tree (Acrylic on Wood).JPG


with equal emphasis on border

Acrylics on Paper 

No.5-Madhav (Acrylic on Paper).JPG

Keep Swimming

Acrylics on Paper depicting Fish as an important symbol of Fertility and Life

No.6-Keep Swimming ( Acrylic on Paper).JPG


Ink on Soft-board depicting Animals and Birds in black and white

No.7-Harmony (Pen on Softboard).JPG

Circle of life

Life began with Fish

Acrylics on Handmade paper

No.8-Circle of life (Acrylic on Handmade paper).JPG