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Introduce yourself :

I am a self taught artist, though my  professional field has been in the creative field. Painting large flowers is always what I have dreamed of, but you plan, and life happens, you move in the direction it takes you. Once all my responsibilities were over, I took to painting. It gives me a high when I play with colours.  Its meditative - a kind of peace and tranquility is formed between me and my painting, we become one.

How do you feel being part of the Season-3 Creación Exhibition Community with such diverse artists? :

When I joined Season 3, and then knew this diverse community, I was so thrilled, to stand with such talented people, who have achieved so much, especially you Shreyasee, at such a young age, it makes me feel proud of the community and myself, such a honor to be here.

Why do you like Floral Art and what inspired you to create your art page - '@mybloomwork'? :

Flowers as a subject is very close to my heart, in life I feel this is the only element [ don't know what to call it] which is used on all occasions, right from birth to death. Whether you are happy, or sad or in rituals in any part of the globe.

When I look at the flowers closely, the colours, the detailing, the softness, it only spreads cheer, joy, it has no negative impact at all. So when we place this in our homes, offices, restaurants, any place, it only enhances that area, @mybloomwork is about my flowers and wanting to learn social media, which I think I have a long way to go , to go out there, know more artists, showcase my art.

Instagram I was told is the best medium.

Apart from Acrylics on Canvas, what is your preferred medium of work? :

Apart from Acrylics, I paint in water colours which I just love, soft pastels , graphite pencils. Each medium is unique and has its own flavour.

Your favourite artist? :

Daryl Trott was the first artist I followed, just loved his work, Roland Lee, another great artist of our times, till I found Jacqueline Coates and she became my inspiration.

How do think the approach to creativity has changed over the years? :

There are so many of them who are doing wonderful works, in their own fields, its like an ocean out there, its the best time in the world, you have accesses to all at a click.

Your message to the audience? :

Having a hobby is important, it could be anything, cultivate it as life goes by, it helps when you need it the most. No knowledge is a waste.

She has taken part in many exhibitions, twice in India Art Festival, Spandan, Jehangir Art Gallery offline. She is a numerologist who teaches and counsels through consultation and an Art Therapist too.