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Mrs Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. by TIME-LOCK PRODUCTIONS

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Rob Giles is a BSc (Hons) Media Lab Arts graduate who mixes Science and Art. Rob originally worked as a 3D crime scene reconstruction specialist from 2003-2005, filming and editing reconstructions of incidents and building 3D representations of locations and interaction. 

In 2005, Rob joined Plymouth University and became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He has developed interactive applications using virtual reality and film to create challenging scenarios within School of Society and Culture. In partnership with Professor Kim Stevenson, Rob produced an international award-winning documentary ‘How Do You Fix a Town Like Plymouth?’ (Time-Lock, 2018) and with Judith Rowbotham ‘A Returned Pilgrim – Nancy Astor and Plymouth’ (Time-Lock, 2019). These docudramas were period pieces and utilised green screen, animation, and dramatisation to enhance the storytelling.

Together with legal professional Hugo de Rijke, Rob produced ‘Mrs Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.’ (Time-Lock, 2020) as a dramatic relatable and engaging depiction of the historic case from 1893. This case is used to illustrate the fundamental principles of contract law at school, college, and university level in over 60 countries that incorporate English case law precedents within their legal systems.

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Time-Lock was originally set up by Professor Kim Stevenson, Dr Craig Newbury-Jones and Rob Giles BSc within Plymouth University Law and Criminology department as a multi, trans and inter-disciplinary project at the cutting edge of Digital Humanities using approaches like TransMedia Storytelling (TMS) with new technologies associated with Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

Time-Lock delivered three approved ESRC Festival of Social Science events 2014-16 included poster displays, video games and the first 15-minute film production of ‘Plymouth Past: Sustainable Future’ incorporating locational images transitioning from past to present (2015 published on ESRC website). In 2016, Time-Lock pioneered an interactive experience of a crime tale creating immersion through Virtual Reality.

Between 2017 and 2019 Rob Giles produced two feature length documentaries ‘How do you fix a town like Plymouth?’ (Time-Lock 2018) and ‘A Returned Pilgrim: Nancy Astor & Plymouth’ (Time-Lock 2019). After the team disbanded in 2020 it was agreed that Rob Giles would adopt the Time-Lock brand as CEO.


How Do You Fix A Town Like Plymouth?

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A Returned Pilgrim: Nancy Astor & Plymouth

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In 2021 Rob Giles rebranded ‘Time-Lock’ to become ‘Time-Lock Productions’ and added Hugo de Rijke as an additional Director.

Time-Lock Productions first commercial publication was ‘The Justice Files’ episode 1 ‘Mrs Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.’ which premiered in Nov 2021. The film was produced by Rob Giles with Executive Production by Hugo de Rijke and Directed by Hugh Janes.

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Mrs Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. by TIME-LOCK PRODUCTIONS


The short film ‘Mrs Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.’ is a factual dramatisation of a landmark legal case that still prevails around the world. Set in 1892 the deadly Russian Flu pandemic had killed a million people.   The Carbolic Smoke Ball Company guaranteed their product would prevent flu or they'd pay a large reward. Mrs Carlill tried their product but still contracted the deadly virus – then sued the company claiming the Reward.



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University of Plymouth

"University launches Educational Film Series based upon Landmark Legal Cases"